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As a fabricator or distributor of rigging, lifting, and load-fastening products, you have choices when it comes to inventory.

You could stock every product your customers need on-site at your facility. This requires a significant amount of space. It also ties up your cash.

Or, you could choose a better alternative.

Inventory on demand
A better option for most distributors is an inventory program with Kulkoni. We maintain one of the largest inventories of steel wire rope, cable, chain and fittings. Our 100,000+ sq ft distribution center is centrally located. We also offer stocking locations of our American Wire Rope on both coasts in the United States for faster delivery.

Our same day shipping increases efficiency and reduces freight costs and lead times. Most importantly, the Kulkoni inventory program will free up cash and improve your profitability.

Discuss the Kulkoni advantage with your representative today!

Here is a sampling of our standard stock items.
Refer to our catalog for a complete list

[table caption=”” width=”100%” colwidth=”60|40″ colalign=”left|left” class=”table-condensed”]
General Purpose Steel Wire Rope – Domestic|(1/4” through 2”)
General Purpose Steel Wire Rope – Import |(1/4” through 4”)
Rotation Resistant Wire Rope|(3/16” through 1.1/4”)
Stainless Steel Wire Rope|(1/4” through 1.3/8”)
6x19S Drill Lines|(1.1/8, 1.1/4”, 1.3/8, 1.1/2”)
Sand Lines|(9/16” 6×7 Galvanized)
Galvanized Cable|(1/16” through 3/8”)
Cable Laid Wire|(3/8” through 1.1/4”)
Chain Assemblies|(various G43 & G70)
Alloy & Stainless Steel Chain| 
Alloy Chain Fittings|(Master Links, Coupling Links, Hooks)
Load Binders Lever and Ratchet |(1/4” through 1/2~5/8”)
Wire Rope Clips – Drop Forged – Double Saddle – Malleable| 
Shackles – Screw Pin Anchor – Bolt Type Anchor (½ Ton ~ 175 ton)| 
Towing Shackles|(1.1/2” 22T through 3” 80 Ton)
Thimbles – Regular – Heavy Duty – Hawsers| 
Spelter Sockets|(3/8” though 3”)
Swage Sockets|(1/4” through 2”)
Turnbuckles|(1/4” x 4” through 2.3/4” x 24”)
Stainless Steel Turnbuckles|(1/4” through 1”)
Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts| 
Swivels Drop Forged Eye & Eye, Jaw & Eye plus Eye & Eye Thrust Bearing| 
Swivel Hooks Carbon & Alloy up to 22 ton WLL| 
Snatch Blocks Single and Double up to 20 ton WLL| 
Tong Block|(8” 3 ton Roller Bearing)
Polyester Round Slings|(3 ft Purple 2600 lb WLL ~ 30 ft Blue 21,200 lb WLL)

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