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Kulkoni, Inc. is a leading supplier of high quality import and domestic lifting and rigging products. Our customers, distributors and fabricators, serve the lifting, rigging, and load securement needs of North America’s most challenging industries. These industries include, but are not limited to, construction, oil & gas, and transportation.

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Blue & Yellow – Kulkoni Import Wire Rope

Only the best wire rope manufacturers in the world manufacture Kulkoni’s imported steel wire ropes. It has a competitive price and offers the performance and quality you expect from us. Available in 6X19 and 6X36 classes, our bright finished wire rope is easily identified by our blue and yellow colored strands. We also offer a great variety of galvanized finished steel wire ropes.

Red & Yellow – American Wire Rope

High quality. Long rope life expectancy. Our American Wire Rope provides dependability you rely on in challenging environments. This wire rope is made exclusively in the United States for Kulkoni, Inc. (stranded and closed in USA since 1999). It is available in 6X19 and 6X36 classes with bright and galvanized finishes to meet customers’ specific applications.
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